How to Win Roulette in Casino: Best Tips and Tricks

how to win roulette tipsThere was a time people thought winning in a casino entailed paying for a bet and crossing your fingers. Well, there is that actually, because you cannot swear you are going to win even if you have tried to corrupt the dealer, until the deal is actually done.

However, people have learnt over time that it is not all about lady luck. Your human input matters, hence the need to learn a couple of important online casino tips and how to win Roulette.

Casino Bonus Tips

What is a casino bonus? Well, it is like any other bonus – something free. This time, you get the bonus in terms of free money for you to gamble with. There is no way you are going to say you have learnt enough casino tips if you have not touched on bonuses.

Which ones should you look out for? Are they transferrable? Can you cash them?

casino bonus tipsMost popular casinos offer a form of bonus to make you feel at home when you first register. It is generally a welcome bonus. If it is the first time you are looking at online casino tips you may be wondering – hm – why can I not just cash this bonus and exit?

Unfortunately (for devious you, that is), it does not work like that. You cannot transfer that welcome bonus, or any other casino bonus for that matter, to your e-wallet. Those bonuses are meant to keep you betting, gambling, playing – anything, but take away the cash.

What Kind Of Bonuses Do Casinos Offer?

Various casinos may give different names to the bonuses they offer, but one thing you cannot ignore when discussing casino bonus tips is that each of the bonuses falls under one of few bonus categories.

5 Broad categories of casino bonuses:

  • No deposit bonus

Ok – it is like the one they welcome you with. You have not paid anything, yet the casino says – hey, here’s some money for you! The point is they want you to begin playing if it is a welcome bonus. And you don’t need any casino tips to know that once you are started the allure to continue playing is enormous.

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  • Match bonus

This is another one that says – whether you will end up playing roulette or whatever else you want we are going to double the balance in your deposit account.

As usual, you cannot decide to play with half of the money and withdraw the rest – no. You earn this kind of bonus on the assumption that you are going to utilize your deposit on casino matters – and those matters, obviously, relate to gambling. One of the important online casino tips you need to learn is that you cannot cheat the house of its money.

  • Cashback

Oh, have you incurred some painful losses and could be thinking of abandoning the gaming site? Well, the casino wants to retain as many of its registered customers as possible, so you could find your deposit account with more money once you login the next time.

Refunding some of the money you lost is tantamount to giving you free money, isn’t it? That is actually a bonus.bonus: casino tips

If you are learning how to win roulette in casino tips, or let us say how to win games in general, you cannot afford to ignore the impact of cashback. With this kind of bonus it means you get to save some amount of money that you may have spent playing for fresh bets.

Casinos usually offer cashback to newly registered players. It is like bait – pay your deposit and we can guarantee you are not going to lose it. You now know how they plan on shielding you from loss.

  • Reload bonus

Here, the casino refunds some money into your deposit account after you have done some betting, the same way it does in cashback. However, since you are an old guard who is unlikely to disappear, the casino does not cover much of your loss – just a small percentage compared to the cashback offered on registration.

  • Loyalty bonus

Even if you were to ignore everything learnt on how to win roulette in casino tips, you would still enjoy the free spins, the gifts, and even any real money the casino offers to players. Such are the loyalty bonuses reputable casinos offer to their regular players, and you cannot miss them even if they were to be forgotten in the casino bonus tips.

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Online Casino Tips

Let us focus on Roulette here, because it is actually one of the most popular casino games.

  • Go for the single zero wheel

This is another way of saying you are at an advantage when you play European Roulette as opposed to American Roulette that has two zeroes. In the former, your chance of your number winning is 1 out of 37 whereas in the latter, the chance is 1 out of 38.

  • Have varied bets

lady luck bonus casinoIf there is any advice on how to win roulette in casino tips that you cannot afford to ignore, it is the need to cover all your bases. In Roulette, as you may well know, there are the inside and outside bets.

Take both at any one time, and you will rarely go home crestfallen, if ever.

Whereas the inside bets where you bet on one number or small clusters of numbers give you infrequent wins, when you do win with them, the win is massive.

On the other hand, the outside bets where you bet on large clusters of numbers, like 12 or 18, usually give you frequent wins.

However, you win modest amounts of money. If you do your math, therefore, you have room to many numerous small wins along the way, while still having a real chance on hitting a jackpot.

  • Utilize the casino tips and pray for lady luck

With all the online casino tips on offer, some gamers are still lured into buying what sellers call ‘roulette systems’, in the name of raising their chances of winning in Roulette.

You think casinos would allow any system to interfere with theirs and jeopardize their business? No way!

If you have not yet found anything new on how to win roulette in casino tips, at least take home the advice not to buy Roulette systems.

They do not improve your chances of winning, and they certainly cannot guarantee you any win.